Randall WallHi I’m Randall Wall and I have specialized in business and real estate investing since the 1980’s. I have an extensive background in business having served as Chairman of The Board of a financial institution, three years as a Director for the highest Realtor authority in Utah, and CEO of several corporations.  Additionally I have served as the longest running president of the largest investor association in four states as well as helping build a small 35 agent brokerage into over 1400 agents making Equity Real Estate the largest brokerage in Utah and one of the largest in the nation. Most importantly for you I am a full time real estate investor who makes the majority of his income through investing.

I have trained on a national and international scale educating  investors, agents, and business people all over the US, Greece, Italy, Venezuela, Guatemala, Spain, and throughout the world having been featured in CEO and other national magazines over 20 times in English and other languages.  I have made friends everywhere I travel while pursuing an aggressive investing career with thousands of transactions including hundreds and hundreds of remodels. I used my marketing techniques to build  the largest construction company in 100 miles in three years which really helps me flip properties effectively today!

I love business, all business and especially real estate investing.  Business well done allows you to help more people than you ever imagined by multiplying your efforts and personal satisfaction. My charity work means as much to me as anything I have ever accomplished in business.. One feeds the other.

Sharing the stage with other national speakers I came to the conclusion that my values were perhaps different than others. I am the son of school teachers and the grandson of Mennonite farmers who doesn’t believe in get-rich-quick schemes or the “here today bankrupt tomorrow” philosophy taught by many gurus no longer in the business.

I actively invest in real estate as my main source of income and my flips profit between $20,000 to $200,000 with the average being $50,000 on homes selling from $140,000 up to $1,000,000.  My crews are always working and have never been laid off even during the worst of the downturn.  Wholesales profit from $10,000 to $70,000 and we do from 2-5 a month.  This is a great business and one that anyone regardless of how much money they have (or don’t have) can experience success at any price point anywhere in the country.  I have made money in just about every way I could think of in the real estate business whether the market was up or down.

I don’t have “students” like most Guru’s I prefer to think of you as “friends” and my friends range from the novice to the millionaire investor who uses my principles to create wealth and benefit their communities with integrity worldwide.  Recently my “friends” and I were honored by the ambassador of Guatemala for our work in a small village in the cloud forest and that was a life enriching experience for all of us.

Over the years I have managed every aspect of my business ethically and taught others to do what I do. Often I have taught them so well that they became even better than I am at the different aspects of the investing game. I love it when that happens!  My belief is that if you work hard, live ethically and never give up I can help make anyone a success in the real estate business.

Through my website and these videos I have found a way to leverage myself and make what I have to share affordable to everyone and I mean everyone!  I’m not trying to sell you (I don’t have to!) If you can benefit from what I have to share then welcome! You set the price for your success and my efforts.

Most people aren’t stupid, we can all recognize a shyster trying to separate us from our hard earned money and someone who is “real” is hard to fake.. Welcome to my site and materials.. You be the judge and set the value for my efforts.

Never Give Up! Never Surrender! & Success Is Inevitable!